Study Indicates Carpet Can Maintain Indoor Air Quality

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Image - Carpet can help you breathe easier

Image courtesy of Shaw Industries.

Many of my customers who have extensive hardwood and other hard surface flooring are amazed at the amount of airborne dust in the home. It seems they can never stay on top of it! Well, it turns out that this exact problem could make carpet a viable choice for families impacted by asthma and allergies.

A series of studies indicates that effectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulted in fewer particles escaping into the air and thus contributing to maintenance of indoor air quality.  For this reason, carpet is viable choice for families impacted by asthma and allergies.

“These studies challenge the long-held belief that carpet must adversely impact indoor air quality as it pertains to asthma and allergy sufferers,” said Dr. Bruce Mitchell, Chairman/CEO of Airmid Healthgroup Limited, a leading independent biomedical research organization that conducted the study. “Effectively cleaned carpets have the capacity to trap allergen and microbial particles, making these particles less available to become airborne and thus maintaining indoor air quality. This makes regularly cleaned carpet a choice for families impacted by asthma and allergies.”

The studies which were presented at the annual meetings of both the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology (AAAAI) and the Amercian College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), evaluated several residential hardwood and carpet products. The studies aimed to determine the depth of allergen penetration in carpet, the levels of allergens found in the air, and the impact of carpet cleaning on allergen removal. Prior to cleaning, the levels of airborne allergens, such as cat and dust mite allergens, were less for all of the carpets than the hardwood flooring, even after the carpet was repeatedly disturbed. After cleaning the carpets, a meaningful reduction in allergens occurred in the carpet and the surrounding air.

“These findings add to the existing body of research that indicates that week-maintained and effectively cleaned carpets can be a viable choice for asthma and allergy suffers”, said Paul Murray, Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs of Shaw Industries.

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