How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

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How many pounds of dirt can this rug hide?

I get asked frequently how often should I have my carpets cleaned? The truth is, there is no particular schedule other than maintaining your warranty valid (most carpet warranties specify every 12 to 24 months). Cleaning frequency really depends on the type of traffic you have on your carpet and how you maintain it. Maintenance goes a long way in extending the time between cleanings.

I cleaned a house with a light beige carpet a few weeks ago that had never being cleaned and was 13 years old. It looked great! The home belonged to a couple with no kids or pets and who had a excellent vacuuming regime. Some people can get by with professional cleanings every 2 to 4 years, while others need their carpets cleaned every 12 months or so. Appearance alone should not be the determining factor when deciding when to clean your carpet. Today’s carpets are engineered from the fiber up to hide soil. In fact, a tan, residential grade carpet can hide up to a pound of dirt per square foot before it becomes noticeably soiled!

Appearance, reduction of potentially unhealthy contamination that may accumulate in the carpet, and manufacturers requirements to maintain your warranty should all be factors that help you decide how often to clean your carpeting.

A “no shoes policy,” frequent thorough vacuuming, and spotting with a residue-free carpet spotter are all excellent ways for you to keep your carpeting vibrant and healthy and extend the length of time between professional cleanings. Regular cleanings by a certified professional will ensure that you get the full intended life-cycle out of the carpet, deferring expensive replacement costs.

Especially when entering a economic downturn, it makes good economical sense to maintain and extend the life your carpeting. You would be pleasantly surprised to see what a full restoration cleaning can do for an old tired carpet.

If you have recently purchased new carpet for you home, make sure to take note of when the first warranty clean needs to be performed. For more information on the recommended cleaning frequency of the carpet in your home or business, or for more tips on extending times between cleanings, please don’t hesitate to give Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Calgary a call.

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