Does Green Really Clean?

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GS_cert B&WA previous client of the business I used to work for, found me after I started Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Calgary. She gets her carpets cleaned once a year and since they are white, they require allot of work to get them looking good again. I explained the benefits of the safe, green and residue free cleaning that I offer. She replied that she couldn’t care less about all that, as long as the carpets are clean!

Well, after I finished, she was thrilled to see the carpets actually looked better than before when I cleaned them a year prior with harsher chemicals! She commented that she was glad her carpets were left in a safe natural state, with no residue as her grand children come over there to play. She appreciates the benefits of safe and green cleaning, but… it also needed to be clean.

Many people share her sentiments. They would like or even prefer safe and green carpet cleaning, but in the end, the carpet still has to be clean, period. Many people ask me, does green really clean?

Green Cleans, but…

The answer is yes, but it depends on the person doing the cleaning. Instead of letting powerful chemicals to do the work, a green carpet cleaner needs to understand the fundamentals of soil suspension and removal. He needs to know why and how the cleaning solutions in his arsenal work. He needs to understand the chemistry of carpet spots and stains to successfully remove them. At times a PH reading will be needed in order to determine the best remedy.

No Magic Bullet

Find the right products can also be a challenge. there is no magic bullet. Many companies that produce green carpet cleaning solutions are jumping on the green bandwagon by offering green alternatives, but sadly most do not meet my expectations. After testing a staggering amount of carpet cleaning solutions for my business, I found most to be lacking and a only few that work extremely well. However, the good news is, that there are some that can actually achieve better results than the non-green and lesser safe chemicals when used properly.

Buyer Beware

My conclusion is that we have reached a point where you don’t have to compromise by using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives, but you will have to search for them and find out for yourself what works for you. Ask around, try several, adjust your technique if necessary (many green options require extra dwell or waiting time to work effectively) and find what products work for you. Also, don’t assume green or eco-friendly means human safe or pet safe. Those are two different things. Buyer beware.


  1. I found your website while doing research for a business program. I just wanted to encourage you and say it looks like you really set a high standard in the carpet cleaning industry.

  2. Thanks Doug. I appreciate very much you taking the time to tell me that!

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