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Mohawk SmartStrand’s PTT Fiber Reclassified by the FTC as Triexta

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Image Courtesy of Mohawk

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about why Mohawk SmartStrand is Smart Choice.

Today, an exciting development was announced that will have a huge impact on the residential carpet industry and gives Dupont and Mohawk well deserved bragging rights.

In a very rare decision by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (whose role is to protect America’s consumers) Mohawk and DuPont have been successful in changing the classification of PTT fiber (DuPont’s Sorona polymer which is used to make Mohawk SmartStrand) as Triexta instead of Polyester.

This means the FTC believes what DuPont and Mohawk have been saying for the past 41/2 years regarding the superior performance of this product. The FTC confirmed today in a unanimous decision that the performance aspects of PTT fibers is so much superior to PET (traditional polyester) that it deserves an entirely new classification.

Remember, the PET polymer is classified as Polyester. The new PTT polymer (also referred to by the proprietary term 3GT as designated by DuPont) is now classified as Triexta.

Welcome Triexta. Why is this important to you the home owner?

Image Courtesy of Mohawk

You will be hearing a lot about this new fiber in coming months and years and so should you. In fact, this is the biggest big news in the textile industry since 1959 when Nylon was classified as a fiber.

Tom Tape, Mohawk’s Residential Flooring Business President talked about the FTC decision in a 15 minute audio interview with Kemp Harr of the Floor Daily and summarized the following benefits of SmartStrand:

  1. Fantastic softness. Mohawk constantly hears stories from retailers such as how a customer after feeling how soft the product sample is, puts it under their arm and carries it around the store!
  2. Enhanced durability. It is far superior to Polyesters. In some cases, it is even comparable in performance to higher priced Nylon.
  3. Permanent stain resistance. (That is why Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning has recommended it in the past to customers for kids and pets.)
  4. Sustainability. 37% of the content of SmartStrand is derived from Corn. (Note: Not all Triexta has this bio component – Only Dupont’s Sorona which is used in Mohawk’s SmartStrand.)

Tom concludes by saying: “We are getting closer to finding the ideal fiber for carpets” and “since SmartStrand has been on the the market for almost 5 years, Mohawk feels it has stood the test of time.”

Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning invites you to consult your favourite flooring consultant or ask me for a recommendation¬†and “feel” the softness for yourself.


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